All Police Plates Must Have QR Codes By Next Month

The National Police has notified all units of the Ministry of Interior to update national police vehicles to ensure proper management, usage and be clear about the identity of those vehicles.

The National Police Commissariat issued a notification on updating all National Police Vehicles with QR codes, in compliance with Prakas No. 3559, of  The Ministry of Interior dated November 07, 2015 on the registration and identification of vehicles owned by the Ministry of Interior.

 Announcements from the National Police, received on January 21 informs all units of the Ministry of Interior to inspect national police vehicles under the direct supervision of each unit by verifying the quantity and identification of vehicles.

In the case of vehicles that have been stopped or withdrawn from use, a full report and inventory must be handed over to the Department of Traffic and Public Order on the 29th February 2020, as a compulsory order.

The National Police’s notification also states that for vehicles that have been taken by the manager while assigned to work in the new unit, the original unit must report separately to
the National Police. The police, traffic, and public order as stipulated in point 1, propose renewal of the law Marked police vehicles to be fixed properly.

From the 1st of February 2020, the National Police will be equipped with the QR CODE SCANNER automation system on the new National Police Police Vehicle Identification Card and ID badge system.

The National Police Committees are very much looking forward to the cooperation of all units in the implementation of this notification. KPT

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