Koh Kong Drone Mystery Update

Koh Kong: According to a telephone report from the Kiri Sakor District Police Inspectorate, on the morning of January 18, a CMAC team went to inspect the crashed UAV in Koh Kong province and found no explosives in or on the drone. The Commander-in-Chief of the Ministry of Defense is reported to be dismantling the device into pieces to be brought to the headquarters of the army in Phnom Penh for further analysis.

As to who the vehicle belongs to and what it was doing, people are being asked not to speculate, in the name of national defense interests.

It was confirmed that a large drone crashed in Peam village, Koh Sdach commune, Kiri Sakor district, Koh Kong has a body length of 5 meters and a total wingspan of 9 meters. SWIFT

UPDATE: Drone now in bits

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