Murder Suspect Named As Military Officer

PHNOM PENH: Police have named the fiancee of a young woman shot and killed on 17 January 2020.

The suspect has been named as Nann Vandeth (Yeun Vandeth) , about 30 years old, a military officer in Unit 70, with rank of brigadier general *edit: source changed the rank to captain. The victim, Chun/Sun Dina, a 26-year-old female medical suffered a gunshot wound to the neck. The couple were engaged during the month of September 2019 and planned to marry in March 2020.

The suspect was in the house with the victim for a moment, and two gunshots were heard. Neighbors helped call Indian tuk tuk to take the woman to Russian hospital, but the victim died on the way. The suspect(s) then fled.

After receiving the report, the police came to the scene

The victim was taken for a traditional funeral in her hometown of Kampong Speu province. POST NEWS

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