Frenchman Dies In Siem Reap

Siem Reap: A foreigner died of chronic lung disease Siem Reap.

The man was named as ABDERRAHMANE KANDIL a French national who was 68 years old.

On January 14, 2020, the Siem Reap Provincial Office of Science examined the death of a Frenchman at 17:21 on January 13, 2020 at the Royal Hospital of Siem Reap emergency room.

According to police inquiries, the hospital’s hospital doctor said that the victim became unwell on January 12, 2020, and the hotel called Royal Hospital for treatment.

Due to his condition, it was decided to send the victim to Thailand by plane, but the man died shortly afterwards. According to a hospital examination report, the victim’s lungs showed that one of his lungs was seriosuly infected.

The court doctor confirmed that the foreigner had died of severe pneumonia. The family requested for the remains to be taken from the Royal Hospital and await their arrival from Thailand and France.

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