4 Indians, 1 American Sent To Immigration

Phnom Penh: On January 15, 2020 at 10:00 pm, 5 foreigners of 2 Nationalities, came to the Immigration Bureau’s Office of Immigration Planning to request for assistance to be returned after their visas expired and they cannot afford to pay renewal.

KULDEEP SINGH, an Indian male, 20 years old, entered through Poipet International Corridor (visa expired on 09.11.2019).

SARKAR ASIM KUMAR, an Indian male, 31 years old, entered the Kingdom of Cambodia on 10.09.2019 at Poipet (visa expired on 10.10.2019).

MONDAL SUBAL CHANDRA, a 40 year old Indian male, who came the same time thorugh Poipet

SINGHA CHIRANJIT , a 28 year old Indian male, who arrived with the previous men.

ROONEY MARC KERRIGAN (Marc Kerrigan Rooney?) a 63 year old American who came to Cambodia in 2008 and has become homeless.

The five were referred to the Immigration Department forand enforcement of procedures. SOURCE: PHNOM PENH POLICE

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