Locals And Chinese Businesses On Otres Protest

Sihanoukville: After the clear up of illegal stalls on the coast of Ochheuteal was completed without any major incidents, plans to extent the operation along Otres have reportedly met with opposition.

According to Kampuchea Thmey, many business owners in the Otres Bay area got ready to protest against the Municipal Administration, and it was observed that some had blocked the road with old tires, preparing to burn them.

Some local traders claim they have been in the area for 20 years or more, and have always paid taxes.

Many Chinese people with property near the beach ask for Sihanoukville authorities to not dismantle, with some investing as much as $100,000.

Meanwhile, the Chinese businessmen also said they had no intention of doing anything contrary to Cambodian law before they decided to open, and had asked some local authorities and told that they were clear to go ahead.

With that, Mr. Sok Sokleng, governor of Sihanoukville, said that the Otres market had to be demolished. The administration is aiming to reclaim all coastal land as state property, and plans to build roads and parks to improve beach beauty along the coast to serve the public and tourists. KAMPUCHEATHMEY

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