Teaching Agriculture In School Market Garden

Stung Treng: A secondary school teacher has set up a vegetable garden for students to study farming.

Keo Kim Mok, director of the school, said that in order for students to have agricultural skills, we need to train their mindset from an early age. The Ministry of Education’s program has set aside two to five hours per week for agricultural studies.

He said it is compulsory for students to take up the skills needed to increase their knowledge and also keep students busy and out of trouble.

Mat Ratana (9th grade) supported the program because she taught her students how to grow vegetables at school. Many of the students are from farming families and take the knowledge from school back home.

She said growing vegetables at school helped solve family problems. Through the sale of vegetables, teachers have come to help all students who have dropped out return to classes.

The programme in Preah Bat district is for more than 60 students. The secondary school has life skills projects for living in the current society, which is leading towards the development of agriculture. KPT

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