Hostage Situation Exercise Held At Airport

Phnom Penh- On Friday January 10, 2020, a training exercise was held at the Air Force Base in Phnom Penh International Airport.

At the press conference on the exercise, HE Chea Aun, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, said that a Full Scale Airport Emergency Exercise named AIRPEX-19 was organized at Phnom Penh International Airport under the theme “Rescue hostages on airplanes”.

This was the first security exercise following years of carrying out safety drills in the civil aviation sector.

HE Chea Aun said that this large-scale exercise was designed to assess management plans and check on infrastructure in the emergency management room, as well as to monitor emergency management teams in particular cases such as kidnapping ot the taking of hostages on a plane by a terrorist group.

The large-scale exercise included 12 scenarios and involved external intervention units, including 70 Brigade, 911 Brigade, Special Anti-Terrorism and Air Force, along with private agency staff working at Phnom Penh International Airport. The exercise was completed smoothly and successfully at 11:00.

More photos: SWIFT

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