Golden Age Filmmaker Biv Chai Leang Dies Aged 93

Paris, January 6, 2020 – At 1:55 pm, Biv Chai Leang, a prominent filmmaker and author, has passed away at the age of 93 in Paris, France.

According to a Facebook source “Bhav Chai Leang was not only a top poet , he is also a great filmmaker, having served the Cambodian film industry from 1960- 1975…. Many of the virtues he built on literature and cinema all Khmer children will never forget.”

Bai/Biv Chai Leang was an extremely talented writer, with his first works publish in 1952. He was born (according to sources) on 4 October 1930 (*which would make him 89, but these often are wrong) in the village of oak gut Preychhor province of Kampong Cham.

He formed the Association of Authors in 1956. From 1951 to 1967 he authored 18 novels and plays and became known in cinema for directing and producing his own stories.

His best known work was Teav Aek (Khmer: ទាវឯក), which he directed in 1972. The film starred Kong Som Eun and Vichara Dany and was based on the Khmer novel written by Preah Botumthera Som. The soundtrack icluded songs from Sinn Sisamouth, Pan Ron and Ros Serey Sophea.

Tum Teav, which is often said to be the “Khmer Romeo and Juliet” was remade in 2003.

As the Khmer Rouge came to power, Biv Chai Leang fled Cambodia and since 29 January 1976 lived in France.

In France he launched a cultural association called Indira Devi , with folk and classical dances, and performed until 1993 a total of 114 times around Europe. He continued to publish novels during his exile, his last in 1993.

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