Camry Driver Pulls Out Gun After Collision

Phnom Penh: On January 7, a car crashed into a motorcycle and the driver pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the moto rider.

After the minor accident, the man on the moto went up to the white Camry to talk to the driver, who opened the door and pulled out a gun,causing the rider to flee

Moments later, police officers came to the location and detained the owner of the car and his passengers at the Chom Chao Police Station 1. 

After the mediation, the car owner confessed to being an alcohol addict, and apologized to the motorcyclist, ended the case at police station Chom 1 with a contract (*presumably promising not to threaten people with guns again) and went home. AREY

*Note neither party was named, but the car had what appears to be a police ID inside.

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