UPDATE: Death Toll Rises To 36 In Kep

Kep: The bodies of a young boy and a woman were the latest to be removed from the site of a building construction collapse in Kep.

More than 20 people are confirmed to have died (*latest reports suggest 25 as yet unconfirmed), with a similar number rescued alive.

UPDATE: According to the National Committee for Disaster Management, as of 11:29 am, a total of 59 victims were accounted for (37 men, 22 women). 23 injured were (15 men, 8 women) and 36 died (22 men and 14 women)
It is not believed that any more bodies will be found.

UPDATE: Latest reports put the number of dead at 30.

Efforts to remove rubble and search for victims continues.

It has been reported that the site owners are being questioned by police, and that the building had built extra floors above what was permitted.

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