UPDATE: 3 Dead After Building Collapses In Kep

Kep: The provincial deputy governor Ung Chhay told the media earlier this afternoon that there had been a seven-storey building collapse in Kep province near Wat Sothearith. (*Other reports say 6 floors)

According to information from the scene, the collapse of the building (believed to be a hotel under construction) left many workers trapped, but further details are not yet clear.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE: At 8.30 pm

UPDATE: As of 8:30 pm 18 victims (5 women) were taken from the building, including 3 dead (2 women).

UPDATE 7 pm: At least 13 pulled out from rubble, 3 in a serious condition. 711 rescue service team choppered in from Phnom Penh.

UPDATE: 9 people are reported as rescued at 6 pm.

UPDATE: Around 5 people rescued, reports say 30 more maybe trapped. An operation is underway to remove the debris.

UPDATE: RASMEI News are reporting that up to 40 workers may have been inside.

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