‘Sad’ Song Leads To Extreme Domestic Violence

Koh Kong: A woman and 11 year old girl were brutally atacked with a weapon on January 01, at 3:30 am, in their KTV in Sankat Smach Meanchey, Kemarak Phumen city, Koh Kong.

Tho Sokna, a 31-year-old woman wh the KTV owner, and the 11-year-old girl were attacked with a knife by Ieng Bun Yoeun (aka Tola), a 25-year-old (reported to be the victim’s husband).

 He escaped on a motorbike, but was captured near Road 48, near Tatai.

The man later confessed to the police and told them that the victimplayed the song called ” Poor Mother”. Because his mother had just passed away, and the song made him feel upset and asked her to stop, but she refused.

An argument then turned violent and their 11 year old daughter was also badly wounded.

The suspect was detained at the police station for case preparation. Warning, extreme images in source PPR

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