Kamchey Dam Area Could Open For Tourists

Kampot: The provincial authorities have met with representatives of the Hydropower Company to discuss setting up a new tourist resort around Kamchay dam.

The provincial governor also said that the Kampot administration supports the investment of Sino-Hydro Company, which is investing in Kampot province. It is important to increase the availability of electricity for the people of the province as well as for some other provinces.

Therefore, he would like to urge Cino Hydro Company to cooperate with Kampot administration in jointly carrying out their responsibilities to develop Kampot province further. Good cooperation will benefit both the company and the government as well as the provincial administration and the entire people of Kampot.

The Kamchay Hydropower Area has the potential to be a unique location with a clean atmosphere at the back of the mountain. Kamchay, which has a large reservoir is surrounded by many high mountain ranges and has beautiful green landscapes. SOURCE

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