Chinese Factories Asked To Employ Ex-Casino Staff

Sihanoukville: To help reemploy a large number of employees who have lost their jobs recently due to the closure of online gambling establishments, the Sihanoukville branch of the Cambodian Chinese Chamber of Commerce is encouraging local Chinese companies to recruit the recently unemployed workers.

On December 31, the China Chamber of Commerce Sihanoukville Branch held a meeting in Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone to “share the concerns of the Sihanoukville provincial government and relieve the unemployed employees”. The leaders of more than 40 Chinese-funded factories and enterprises attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Jiang Kexing, secretary general of the Cambodian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Westport Branch, encouraged Chinese companies in the province to recruit unemployed casino employees.

He said that Chinese companies have come out of China and set up factories here to benefit the people while benefiting themselves. This is the indispensable social responsibility of Chinese factories and enterprises, and he hopes that Chinese factories and enterprises will help the situation.

He said that absorbing unemployed employees from the casinos can meet the company’s own labor needs on the one hand, and contribute to the social stability and happiness of the people in Sihanoukville, and establish a good image of Chinese companies.

Jiang Kexing demanded that all Chinese-funded factories and enterprises should re-employ the employees who resigned from factories with a positive attitude, accept the new employees who apply, and ensure social stability by solving the local people’s employment issues.

Participants of Chinese-funded factories and enterprises responded positively, and expressed their welcome.

In August 2019, after the Cambodian government issued a ban on online gambling, a large number of people engaged in online gambling in Sihanoukville left, many casinos were closed, and a large number of local employees were unemployed.

The Sihanoukville branch of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce responded in a timely manner, and quickly mobilized the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone, which has the largest concentration of Chinese factories and enterprises in Sihanoukville, and effectively played a role of bridge between enterprises and the people.

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