Phnom Penh Loses 16 Lakes, 10 More Threatened

Phnom Penh: Of 26 lakes in Phnom Penh, 16 have been completely filled in and 10 more have been partially filled, according to a report. 

People are very concerned about the day-to-day lake removal activities, and STT sees the loss of lakes as harmful to biodiversity, the environment and increase flood risk. In addition, thousands of families face threats, including homelessness.

The livelihoods of many of those who depend on those lakes and wetlands are being affected, as thousands of families have been evicted or are facing eviction threats in the future as development projects continue.

 The environmental impact of these trends is still unknown, but some estimates suggest serious consequences such as flooding, pollution and the decline of the lake’s habitat.

According to the STT’s report, the 16 lakes that are now longer are: Boeng Trabek 1 in Chamkarmon, Tamar Lake in Dangkao district, Boeng Lake In Chbar Ampov, Chhouk Lake in Chbar Ampov, Boeng Tonle Lake in Tuol Kork, Drainage 5 in Meanchey District, Trapaing Chhouk in Sen Mon Sok, Lake Tuol goat in Dangkao Lake, Raja Lake in Sen Sok district, Boeung Kak lake Lake in Sen Sok, Boeng Kak lake in Russey Keo, Boeng Puok Lake in Sen Sok District, Ouork Lake in Russey Keo District, Boeung Kak Lake in Tuol Kork , Lake Ferry in Russey Keo and Day Lake in Chroy Changva.

The other 10 lakes that were partially cleared were Boeung Trabek 2 in Chamkarmon, Boeung Tumpun 1 and Boeung Tumpun 2 in Meanchey district, Choeung Ek in Khan Dangkor and Meanchey District, Ta Mou Lake or Boeng Kok Lake in Prek Pnov, Boeung Tompong Lake in Chroy Changva District, Lake Patti at Khan Russey Keo and Sen Sok District, Chhouk Lake in Russey Keo District, Kbal Elephant Lake in Sen Sok District, Lake Samrong canal Malabar. Source: STT (KBN)

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