Young Woman Murdered In Battambang City

Battambang: A body was found at around 10 am on December 30, 2019 in Chamkar Samrong village, Battambang city.

The unidentified woman was in her mid-20s, and was found naked lying face down close to the road.

Initial reports say that she was strangled, and police are investigating whether a sexual assault also took place.

A construction worker near the scene, said that at about 9:30 pm on the 29th, it was seen that two men and women were seen on a motorbike near the scene.

A black RX 300 was also spotted in the area.

A hunt is now underway to find those responsible.

UPDATE: A later police source puts the victim (still unknown) as aged around 30. She had some problem with her thumb (appears as if the top/nail was missing from an earlier issue) and she was still wearing a diamond ring.


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