Appeal For Brit Adrian Brooks Stuck In Calmette

Phnom Penh: A campaign has been launched by a British woman to help her father, who has been in Calmette hospital for 6 weeks without funds.

Kirsty Leigh wrote the following.

Many of his friends will know I’ve been trying to find my dad Adrian
Brooks for some time. This was due to not having had contact since October
The home office finally called me with news but not the news I was
hoping for!

Adrian has been in hospital in Cambodia since 15th November he has had an accident from a height!

His passport, bank cards everything stolen. He has a broken arm, ribs and 
damaged spleen! Also had not long ago recovered from TB

Now I’m a single mum of 4 and this is Christmas time.His current hospital  
bill is at £1600 and going up daily. I’ve got to find funds for medical
certificate from the home office to fly him home as he has no passport
and a  afford flight!  The longer he is out there the more this goes up. 

I need your help every penny counts.

Please help bring him home. I can’t leave him out there in this

Yesterday she updated with a new message:

Not good, I managed to get a chap (*well done Roar!) in who lives in Cambodia to visit my dad. He is rather ill skinny and frail. In my opinion looks like death I need to get him home ASAP I do not want him to die out there. This has made me physically sick and cry a lot today please please no matter how small donate if you can and keep sharing

More details can be found on the Go Fund Me page

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