Dead Chinese ‘Burglar’ Family Contest Story

Sihanoukville: After two men were shot and killed in what was reported to have been a burglary on December 23rd, it seemed to be an open an shut case.

On December 25, the plot reversed, and people familiar with the matter revealed that the shooting was possibly due to an economic dispute.

The police officer who fired the shots and two deceased Chinese men were said to have been in a business relationship, and were shareholders in a company together.

The Cambodian State Supervisory Committee has been involved in the investigation.

On December 28, the deceased’s younger brother posted on a Cambodian-Chinese website app for help, calling on the relevant departments and the media to pay close attention to this matter, and return the remains of the deceased as soon as possible, and let his soul return to his native land.

He said that his brother’s name was Lin Wei, and his 35th birthday was only a few days before his death. He had elderly parents, a wife and a 12-year-old child. The whole family was distraught to learn of the news.

He said that Lin Wei came to Westport in July this year and did a few casino interior decorations. In the past, he was a soldier with a high level of military literacy, and it was impossible to be a thief.  He had contacted his wife the day before the accident, saying that he need money, and did not appear expect such a thing to happen the next day.

As to what the relationship between Lin Wei and the shooting police was, they weren’t clear. After the incident, the sister-in-law (Lin Wei’s wife) gave him the contact information of the police, but when he called, the phone was immediately hanged up when Lin Wei’s name was mentioned.

He said “Today, my brother was killed and charged with being a “thief”. The family express strong resentment against this, and various indications indicate that the possibility of burglary by Lin Wei is extremely low, so I hope relevant departments can solve the case as soon as possible. He is innocent.”

Finally, Lin Wei’s brother also revealed that they have reported the case in China, but the Cambodian police have not yet confirmed the identity of the deceased, so they can only wait for the news.

After the post was issued, many compatriots commented on it. Some people think that burglary is unlikely, and maybe there is a problem in the cooperation between the two parties, which leads to conflict, but as for the truth, we dare not guess.

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