Big Bad Wolf Book Fair Coming Soon To PP

The Malaysian Big Bad Wolf Books Fair, (*source says the world’s largest book fair, maybe debatable) is coming to Cambodia. It has over one million books and offers discounts ranging from 50% to 90% of the book price.

The Big Book Fair will be open to the public for 12 consecutive days from 9 January 2020 until January 20, 2020 in Phnom Penh’s RUNG REUNG MARKET in Chroy Changva commune.

With the launch of a million new English books, Big Bad Wolf wants to build a culture of reading in Cambodia by bringing English books to sell at affordable prices for everyone. 

A variety of books will be on display at the exhibition: Books for Kids, Fiction, best-selling books, popular books, novels, science fiction, romance, development books, letters Theology, graphic novels, business , Architecture and design, cookbooks and many others at this massive book fair.

“When we started Big Bad Wolf in Malaysia in 2009, our mission was to focus on… attention to the development of reading habits by providing readers with affordable and quality English books. Over the last few years, book sales have grown significantly, and we know that to cultivate the habit of reading books around the world and creating readers” said Jacqueline Ng, co-founder of Big Bad Wolf.

Over the past 10 years, Big Bad Wolf Books has organized such bookfairsin several parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia. , South Asia and the Middle East.

“Magical Book,” a book for children, may become the best-selling book at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. These books use modern technology to revolutionize reading for the younger generation, allowing children to learn and read at the same time. Parents and guardians can find books like Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Let’s Learn Alphabet ABC, Disney Frozen: A Sleepover Party, Disney Winnie The Pooh: Fun With First Words and two educational books, ABC Fun With Mickey and 123 Fun with Mickey and more.

“Magic books” attract children to read books and encourage reading habits. Therefore, these books are best for children from 1 to 5 years old.

“We are pleased to host the Big Book Fair in Phnom Penh in 2020,” said Ouk Chandara, spokesman for Big Bad Wolf Sale in Phnom Penh in 2020.

The fair will provide Cambodians with the opportunity to experience high quality and innovative English language books at an affordable price.

 It is important to learn a new language and to teach people how to read books from an early age and to grow the next generation of children.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale believes in giving back to society and believes that everyone has the right to read and learn regardless of their status.

Through the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale’s social activism, the 2020 Book Fair will partner with an organization in Cambodia and call on attendees to buy (*can’t make this bit out-Ed) , located near the counter of the book fair. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will donate 500 books to the initiative.

Attendees can get more details and benefit at the Book Fair by signing up to become a member of Big Bad Wolf here or the Facebook page.

SOURCE: Totally a paid article in KPT, but we love books.

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    Dear Sir,

    I am coordinating a BOOK FAIR in my school. I wonder if I can invite your publishing to set up a BOOK in my school. Please reply to my query.

    Myrna S. Garde


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