White Guy Loses 11,000 Baht In Massage

Phnom Penh: On December 26, 2019 A foreign man visited a massage parlor for a rub down.

The 10,000 Riel Massage joint is located on 2004, Por Sen Chey District.

Before the incident, the foreign man went to the massage parlor, and when it was over, said that 11,000 Thai baht ($365) was missing, and he began accusing the masseuse of theft.

Authorities went to the scene to question the massage therapist, but she denied stealing.

The owner of the massage parlor then paid the foreigner $360 to finish the case without any more action.

A source said that if there was no theft, why would you rather pay someone out of your pocket? AREY

UPDATE: Video of how the theft was done via TVFB


One thought on “White Guy Loses 11,000 Baht In Massage

  • December 30, 2019 at 4:57 am

    O kurwa, dobry kwas haha


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