Chinese Question Sihanoukville Shooting

Sihanoukville: On December 23, a report about a shooting in Sihanoukville caused one death and one serious injury quickly made headlines in various Cambodian media. 

According to media reports at the time: Two Chinese people sneaked into a house to steal the safe, but the owner disturbed them. He happened to be a marine police officer, so he fired a gun to defend himself. Two thieves died on the spot and one was seriously injured.

According to the latest media reports, the seriously injured person also later died in the hospital.

At the time, the shooting took place and there was not much controversy after it was reported by the media. Public opinion was that the dead and the wounded deserved it.

This trend of public opinion is not surprising at all, because it is related to the current general public security environment in the city. Since the recent period, the security has been relatively chaotic, and cases of abduction, robbery and theft have occurred.

The matter should slowly calm down. The two Chinese people died. Police officers who fire in self-defense are then exempt from punishment.

But yesterday, there were some changes in this matter: Yesterday, a senior official of the Cambodian National Supervisory Committee called the relevant parties and groups in Sihanoukville. First, they expressed their high concern about the case; second, they thought the case was not so simple.

A source from the Cambodian National Supervisory Committee said: How can a Cambodian police officer live in a house with a Chinese signboard? ” They highly questioned the “thief” statement.

The photo above is the house where the crime occurred. Above the facade, there is a sign hanging high: Pacific Real Estate . Then there are many small characters on the signboard, such as: US dollar exchange, house rental and sale, land rental and sale, construction reporting, tea, pawns, tourism, naturalization, local driver’s license, labor certification, registered company, business license, casino gambling cards. .. the business is pretty comprehensive.

This is actually very common in Westport (SHK). When it comes to real estate, the main business is land, but other money-making businesses are done on the side.

However, the sign erected on the side of the store may be easily overlooked. It reads: Officer Pacific Li.

Who is Officer Li?
Officer Li was the police officer who shot and killed two Chinese “thieves” on the 23rd.

Therefore, this could intermediary company called “Pacific Real Estate” be connected with Police Officer Li?

Chinese news blog Westport Diary (the source) immediately followed up with some investigations.

An unnamed Chinese person told the Westport Diary that Police Officer Li was of Chinese descent and had excellent Chinese language skills. According to Police Officer Li himself, he had a long history of studying in China in his early years.

Officer Li then entered the Cambodian police system and worked in the Marine Police. Benefiting from the influx of a large number of Chinese investors in the past few years, the economy has risen rapidly. 

In the process, Police Officer Li has made full use of his personal characteristics of “Chinese, police” to boldly expand outside of official business, investing in Westport, and participating in many businesses, such as real estate agents, travel agencies, KTV, etc.

At the same time, based on his excellent social skills, Police Officer Li has acted as a client on many occasions, often organizing and coordinating various meals and transactions between Chinese investors and local government and business circles. Officer Li travelled between China and Cambodia, and had extensive contacts and deep connections.

It is reported that at present, the Cambodian Supervisory Committee has been involved in the investigation.

Shortly after the case was reported in Westport Diary, people left messages online criticizing Westport Diary: Why are you writing a mess? Those two are not thieves, the three of them are in a shareholder relationships …

The Chinese in Sihanoukville are waiting for the truth.

Author: DaDi from Westport Diary

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