Black And White Bar Girl Fight Night On 110

Phnom Penh: A female employee of a bar around the Old Market began arguing with another woman colleague, causing a fight which resulted in injuries on both sides.

The incident occurred at 1:00 am on December 24, 2019, along Street 110, at Black and White bar.

Sok Ros, a 28-year-old woman, and Say Phalla, a 31-year-old woman both work at the scene.

According to eyewitness accounts, the victim was identified as Sok Ros, who had been working at the bar for nearly three months, and was at work (*something about a story she stole another woman’s husband, which she denied).

 On the night of the incident, a woman named Say Phalla attacked her, causing her a full body injury, and the victim then fought back. Police came down and Say Phalla confessed to police that she hit the woman after verbal abuse.

After the incident, Say Phalla’s party agreed to pay Sok Ros $ 20 to settle the case. POST NEWS

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