June Remember? CNE Review#6

Whoosh! And just like that 50% of the year was gone.

The month was the beginning of the end/end of the beginning for Sihanoukville’s runaway construction boom after tragedy struck before dawn on the 22nd.

There was the usual mix of foreigners behaving badly, Chinese gangster business, and, this month, 2 fatal accidents involving Cambodia’s worst bus company, which left at least 11 dead, along with good news for Aussie pie enthusiasts and less good news for burrito fans over in the food corner.

Here’s a selection of prime cuts which were cut from the gristle of the 255 juicy steaks of June news:

Facebook hacker caught

Virak Buntham (again)

Embarrassed looking white dude of the month.

A painful lesson in domestic violence when a man’s anatomy is bit off by his wounded wife.

Police arrest prime suspect in double child murder.

Signs of a bubble as real estate price rises 67%?

A Chinese man was stopped by a mob after a running from a car accident. A search of his Lexus turned up 10 kg MDMA (coffee, not tea).

There was never any update on this strange murder case of an Irishman in Malaysia and a Belgian’s arrest in Cambodia.

Chinese on Chinese violence was getting out of control.

Did Phnom Penh station’s new American makeover ever get started?

And how is Abdurrahman Us’sutteri, known as Abou Ramen/Abdul Sutteri, the 30 year old Arab American gun runner who managed to bring down a Bitcoin business from behind bars?

Enthusiasm grew for football as 2022 qualifiers began with a victory over Pakistan.

It was just more guns and more guns in Siem Reap and PP Wat Sarawan.

Dodgy Ukrainians were lifted for passport offences.

Dengue cases got serious in Ratanakiri and also in Oddar Meanchey and Phnom Penh

More death and destruction on Road #4. Oh wait, not a VIRAK BUNTHAM BUS?

Mystery as body parts wash up on the riverside. A certain Tex-Mex restaurant remained open for ribs ‘to die for’.

Fish game meth table drugs shot of the month.

No more kids in brick factories.

Dy Si Ny land in Kam Spue?

Dismember the Alamo. Those washed up body bits were traced. Cafe closed for eat in and take away orders.

‘Dear CNE,

Why do drivers always run away from the scene of an accident?


A Confused Newb’


One of the last Americans out of PP evacuation died.

It’s coming…. home?

China went straight to the top of the Immigration table with one swoop.

“Hold my beer” said 2nd place Vietnam “We’ll do it on points”

Turk went mad in Siem Reap

Korean meth-mule-milfs

Locals reported as attacking Chinese in Sihanoukville.

Nest of rare Siamese crocodile eggs found.

5 cops were arrested after drugs were put and a KTV girl’s drink, causing her death.

Getting oiled up for black gold money coming soon.

Worries over Kampot’s last mangroves.

Facebook insult poster gets 2 years.

Cambodian immigrant wins Aussie pie award again!

New immigration entry cards for foreigners rolled out.

Dengue outbreak- 21 children die.

Sihanoukville construction disaster occurs. This would be a turning point for the city’s rapid development.

28 people died

The Governor was removed from his position

4 Chinese nationals were detained over the disaster.

Crocs began turning up in unusual places.

Infamous tycoon Sok Bun arrested over corruption charges.

Well known Brazilian couple arrested.

Another murder outside a school.

A wildlife special #1

Top drugs cop in court after going wild with a weapon

CHI-CON AIR did roaring business in 2019.

WARNING! Catching cobras can be fatal.\

A strange case.

“Whoops, I did it again”

Massage ladies nicked after theft on 178

Once, twice, THREE times and AEON Mall

A Frenchman set himself alight.

A murdered Chinese woman was stuffed in a suitcase and set on fire, sparking an international manhunt.

Nepalese on a 7 year over stay.

Tragedy at a Siem Reap crocodile farm went global.

And the January-July halfway point of the Illegal Stayers Championships stood at:

CountryPeople #Provinces Caught    
Ukraine- 3KepSR   
Brazil 2PP    
Turkey  2 PP  SR   
Croatia 1 PP   
Italy 1KPS   
South Africa1PPsame guy twice   
New Zealand1PP    

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