5 Chinese Arrested After Kam. Speu KTV Violence

Kampong Speu: A violent incident occurred in a remote part of Kampong Speu province at 8.20 minutes on the night of December 18, 2019.

Five Chinese men were arrested after drinking alcohol and using violence inside a karaoke nightclub in Aoral district.

The owner of the karaoke shop named Sorn Sei, 47, told police that five Chinese men who had come to get drunk, when a Chinese man named Meng Meng, 37, attacked a man named Luan Fu, 56. Both men work on a mango farm together.

Luan Fu later then stabbed Sand Meng in the head, causing him to require six stitches. 

Police arrived at the scene and detained the five Chinese for questioning and called in 59-year-old Kim Heang, a translator for the Chinese. AREY

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