Teenager Accused Of Cross Border Meth Smuggling

Svay Rieng: Four large packages of methamphetamine (ICE) (weighing more than 4 kg) were found inside speakers as they were being smuggled into Vietnam.

The case was cracked down on by Cambodian authorities on December 16, 2019 after receiving information from Vietnamese authorities. .

According to police sources, Bavet Police, received a report from Vietnam Customs by phone to report that Vietnam had arrested a Cambodian in connection drug transporting and confiscated 1 kg of drugs from the 17 year old male.

With cooperation with Vietnamese authorities, the teenager was returned to Bavet for questioning.

According to the source, after receiving information from the suspect two speakers were recovered from an address in the town. Inside was 4140.08 grams of methamphetamine.

The suspect has been detained and remains in Bavet City Police Inspectorate for further investigation. RASMEI

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