Beaten Teacher Speaks Out

Kandal: The man left badly beaten after being accused of spying on a women in the toilets of a PTT station has denied the allegations in a Facebook post.

He said on Dec 16, 2019, at about 8 pm he was traveling alone by car from Phnom Penh to Takeo. He entered the PTT petrol station and went to the bathroom, but accidentally entered the women’s restroom by mistake.

He then said men shouted at him, and when he ignored them was hit. He tried to get into his car, but was prevented from doing so, tied up and beaten.

The police finally arrived. “If the police did not come, I would probably have beaten by the boss to death.”

The man did not file a complaint with police, but wrote a message so that the public would understand.

Vigilante justice is a criminal offense, if there was some suspicion of a crime,the police should deal with it.

As an Education Officer and an appointed civil servant, the actions against me were in violation of the government. His actions were also disrespectful to the status of teachers.

UPDATE: Reports now say police will open a ‘special investigation’into the matter.

*The boss of the PTT station who is said to have carried out the beating is reported as being from a powerful and famous family.

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