Let’s Read It (May)gain- 2019 Review #5

While the darling buds may be blooming elsewhere, the 5th month of the year is normally the harbinger of the monsoon, along with the sudden downpours, lightning and flash flooding the season entails.

296 vaguely intelligible stories covered an expected mix of blown down trees, watery streets and the conclusion of the Range Rover case. Plus some weird stuff that came from the sky, both natural and unexplained.

Wild elephant news

Power line fire torched several cars in Sihanoukville.

A Chinese man was arrested for making a fake bomb. He was later sent to PJ Prison.

Crazy painted Porsche kept popping up in the news over the year.

It was a big year for snakes in the city.

Man struck by lightning after engagement party/

There were also several cases of crocodiles turning up in unexpected places. The first in Battambang town.

Another daylight shooting in Sihanoukville. Two were arrested, but claim innocence.

A big storm wrecked vehicles in Phnom Penh.

Following a serious of incidents, the CNE Divider Super League was launched.

A love triangle was ended when a teacher was shot outside a Kampong Spue school

Convicted smack smuggler Yoshe Ann Taylor was released 6 years into a 23 year sentence.

The infamous British crooks and overstaying wrestlers (or something), the Parsons twins GEOFFREY JUNIOR JAMES PARSONS and MARLEE ROY RAYMOND PARSONS , (who later threatened us with legal action).

Dolphin death 2:1 Dolphin birth

Gingernuts Ed Sheeran visited Siem Reap

These jebends went viral but it was just for the LOLS


We looked into the history of UXOs in Cambodia

Ancient temples rediscovered.

The offices of crypto-currency trading company GCG Asia Co., LTD, were raided. Boss was then charged with fraud.

Range Rover hit and run driver Yin Mana was released after 2 months (mostly in hospital) and given a 10 month suspended sentence.

Rainy season arrived in the 3rd week of May

87% of Cambodia has internet access.

Crash of the month

Talk of Chinese heavy industry relocating to Cambodia.

Rainy season annual flooding begins in PP

Ferry tips on Mekong

A UFO fell from the sky over Stung Treng, scattering debris across a wide area.

It was a year of dengue, with the first sign of a major nationwide outbreak coming from Koh Kong province.

The wife, the dead man and her mother.

Cops were called to a death in a secluded part of SHK, only to find the body was just a man sleeping off his wine.

Lads on holiday had lucky escape in Koh Rong lightning strike

Two young ladies, lots of ice tea.

Ministry of Women’s Affairs official’s son shot a young woman outside LUX club. He later handed himself in.

A female tourist was pulled from a tuk tuk in Siem Reap during a robbery.

There were several cases of factory thefts across 2019, with $145,000 stolen in this Kandal heist.

Another Chinese man was caught with a chunk of change in his carry on luggage at PP Airport.

A horrific crime against two children in Preah Sihanouk.

Who can forget ‘iPhone Cop’? Apart from iPhone Cop himself.


RCAF soldiers were given a bit of tough love training


This suicide caused quite a storm back in Mother Russia

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