Legal Action For Cambodia’s Most Hated Man

*Note, we ignored this story to begin with, as, even for our clickbait hungry team of gossip mongers it was a bit too much. However, the Youtube video in question seems to have spread across the Cambodian internet like an Australian bushfire (giving this fool more exposure, clicks and his few fleeting moments of fame). Now the matter appears to have got serious.

Phnom Penh: Tourism Minister Thong Khon said on December 16, 2019 that after a foreign man uploaded a video that affected the Cambodian tourism ministry’s reputation and goals, the Ministry of Tourism held a meeting with the General Department of Immigration, the Ministry of Interior and a group of lawyers to find out how to punish the vlogger,

In addition to taking action against the foreigner, the Ministry of Tourism plans to file a complaint with Google and Facebook requesting the video be deleted.

“The Ministry of Tourism has decided to ask the Ministry of Interior to deny the visa of a foreigner from entering the country permanently, which has been approved by the Ministry of Interior,” he said. The Ministry of Tourism will also file a complaint with Google and Facebook for the video to be deleted. For the foreigner’s video, the Ministry of Tourism will propose to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to handle the matter further.

He said that the action was taken in accordance with Tourism Law Articles 50 and 68 related to tourism in Cambodia. He also claimed that the foreigner’s actions also violated Cambodian law on the administration of non-immigrant foreigners. Therefore, the government may take legal action and ban the person from entering the country ever again.

Recently, a foreigner who claimed to be Iranian, living in the Netherlands with YouTube account “James FT”, filmed a video in some of the Kingdom’s locations in a bid to scare tourists from visiting Cambodia. He also spoke in the video about the honor and destination of Cambodia.

Following the launch, the tourism, private sector, government officials and citizens reacted to the scandal and asked authorities to take action against the foreigner. PPR

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