Apriload- 2019 Review #4

April fools, April showers, April Flowers, April No-Power. Most survived, but we lost another of one of our own (RIP).

As usual, the 269 stories which covered the month of the last new year for 8 months covered the ‘normal’, everyday cases of drug labs, Chinese carrying multiple millions in used notes, fires, deaths and foreigners behaving badly.

First, the over stayer charts for the first quarter (Jan-April)

CountryPeople #Provinces Caught  
Ukraine- 3KepSR 
Italy 1KPS  
Turkey 1PP  
South Africa1PPsame guy twice 

Solar reached rural communities

Jeremy Pell (a relation of disgraced Australian clergy George) and Edward Clifford (he would somehow get out, only to come back again)

Kith Thieng decided he didn’t like prison, so went to hospital.

A drugs lab was discovered in Sen Sok

Power ship coming!

Power ship cancelled

Range Rover father hands over $70,000 to family of dead girl.

African Swine Fever arrived

NagaCorp unveil plans for a $4 billion casino

Suicide at the gun club.

Nice work, if you can get it.

Taking Chinese grave festival to the extreme

A Swiss tourist was caught trying to defraud ABA bank with fake money.

Thailand and Cambodia were reconnected by rail

Yin Mana, the teenage hit and run driver also didn’t like prison, so went to hospital.

Man stopped with car full of eagles.

Two factory parties set up across the street from each other ended up in a full scale riot.

Brits abroad, what what.

A nuns boat trip turned to tragedy.

Another drugs raid, this time Miami Club.

Ice fell from the sky in Siem Reap

Riot on Road 4

Virak Buntham!

The American and Chinese embassies in Phnom Penh started a Facebook flame war.

Canaries in Kampong Spue

You can take the driver out of Cambodia, but you can’t…

Flame grilled Dominos in TK

Temps rose to hot levels of hotness

Thirsty elephants came out of the jungle in M’kiri

The “Tiger of Cambodia” died in Vietnam

Chinese investors signed off on a Ream park development project.

Thai soldiers shot 2 Cambodian rosewood loggers.

Chinese men caught with $3.5 million dollars in cash at PP airport.

They avoided Prey Sar, and were instead sent to PJ later in the month.

Finn Vs. ATM

More meth tea (Poipet)

Gotta love the Japanese (apart from their 1920-45 period, that was wrong)


And flooding season started in Sihanoukville…..

Leading to this

Aung San Suu Kyi arrived in Cambodia for a short visit.

First of several unidentified bodies to wash up on the west coast (we suspect fishing boat slavery, but nothing ever followed up).

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