(Re)March – Looking Back At 2019 #3

‘When the CNEaints go Marching in’ was the theme in the bunker for the 3rd month of dop-pram-boun. Same old stuff was going down, and increasing rumours of massive power cuts were nowt but just ‘fake news’ myths.

CMAC announced the destruction of 11,000 guns collected.

A Taiwanese and Chinese man were given life sentences for importing MDMA through the post from Europe.

Two young Swedish men were tragically killed on the Riverside after a drunk driver hit the tuk tuk they were in.

A Laotian man was caught with 30 kg of ice ‘tea’

The national census began.

Tuk tuk drivers were ordered to school

If you’re gonna drive fast, don’t drive into an Okhna’s Roller.

African swine fever fever hit the nation.

Did any of these classy rides from the Royal Gendarmerie get seen on the bad streets of PP?

Siem Reap moto rental businesses were told to stop hiring to foreigners, with machines seized as a warning.

A supposed crackdown on brick factories using child labor was launched after a kid lost an arm.

There was a warning of things to come later in the year from Sihanoukville. Nobody really paid attention

More meth tea

Chinese man with more money than Cambodia went to Siem Reap, but knew how to wait in line.

Virak Buntham #2

How the rave scene in the west destroyed Cambodian forests.

Rock raid- Kith Thieng sent to PJ

KRS illegal casino fiasco case begins.

An old American guy threw himself off a 136 hotel.

The first reports of the dry season power outages came. It got worse.

Then rolling cuts became the dry season norm.

A ‘powership’ from Turkey didn’t actually set sail.

One of the biggest stories of the year was the bungled robbery of a Siem Reap taxi driver by 2 Japanese men.

RIP Tom 🙁

Stupid painted Porsche #1

Ukrainian driver killed 2 people in a Kampong Speu crash. Nothing came of this.

Mob beat thief to death.

Bear necessities in Koh Kong,

The Rock Club drugs scandal saw a top cop arrested (funny, but nothing more was heard about him)

And the Yin Mana/teenage Range Rover story unfolded.

163 Chinese VOIP/Spinach dogs arrested in Siem Reap

Royal Railways taken away from the Rock dude’s richer brother Meng…..

…..Oh, wait, anyone know how to barely operate a single track rail line? Dammit.

And who fancies a dip in the sewage canal?

And Oooh la laaa (mand)

The point was made.

Dead dolphin – 1-1

Nothing to declare, officer

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