Random Photos Of Old Cambodia

These photos, now in the hundreds, have been found across the internet, including Facebook, Twitter and news sites. Credits to the original photographer given, when known.

We don’t use watermarks or in any way claim rights to the images, which are collected and displayed for education and entertainment purposes only- and the captions, although intended to be as accurate as possible, may contain mistakes. Signed, The Curator

Special credit to Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel and Amazing Cambodia, 963Classic, among many others

The Curator at work
1980s cartoon created by a popular group of the Soviet cartoonists, which reflects the official attitude of the Soviet state. “Пол Пот” means “Pol Pot”, “Пекин” means “Beijing”.
1993 elections
Road 4, near Pich Nil, late 90’s/early 2000’s
Pursat c.1968
Siem Reap, probably late 1800’s
Palace cars, 1928
PP 1890s (possibly St 106/108 canal)
Kratie tiger hunt
Last days of K-I-D refugee camp
Kampong Chhnang pottery (1896)
post nuptials snout
Outside Lycee René Descartes, 1966
1920’s Pursat
Early 1990’s cupping therapy
Creatin’ rap music cos I never dug disco
Cambodian artists Nop Nem, Huoy Keng,and Dy Saveth near Hotel Rossiya during the 6th Moscow International Film Festival on 13 July 1969.
+Credit: Author Yury Artamonov
+ដោយ:ចៅកម្ពុជា-Chao Kampuchea
Citroën 2CVs were assembled from CKD kits in Phnom Penh in Cambodia by Société Khmère de Montage Automobile 
during the 1950’s.
Captioned as ‘Old sports stadium, 1946’
Ethnic Pearic musicians, Pursat province, 1964
Cyclo rally
Jackie Chan, 2004
Royal chamber
‘Cambodian criminals’c. 1870 taken by Émile Gsell
Battambang, 1929
This replica was built by a group of Cambodians at the processing center in the early 1980s. If anyone has more information on it, I’d love to talk with you. Susan Needham (Facebook)
Meas Samon
Meas Samon
Angkor Wat replica at the Colonial Exhibition in France, which attracted approximately 8 millions of visitors for six months from May to November 1931

Peter O’Toole, filming on location at Angkor Wat for the movie ‘Lord Jim’ in 1964 “The three months we spent in Cambodia were dreadful. Sheer hell. A nightmare. There we were, all of us, knee deep in lizards and all kinds of horrible insects. And everyone hating us. Awful.”- Peter O’Toole
KR and RCAF soldier enjoy a Coke and a smoke
Ethnic Vietnamese fishing village, Chroy Changva 1964
Something for weekend, sir?

French Embassy
Toul Kork?
Kep: mid-1930’s
Monivong Bridge around 1966
Sihanouk’s political magazine, 1969. A few months later he would be ousted from power and exiled.
Next series- unknown photographer (possibly UNTAC) via 963 Classic
Mr. Sin Sisamouth
Banteay Ampil Band with Oum Dara on violin. Khmer People’s National Liberation Front. 1981. (Via Golden Voice)
Possibly Dap Chhoun surrending his arms
Princess Margret and Prince Sihanouk, 1969
Band on the bus (guess 1960’s)
Siem Reap, early 20th century
Colonial Civil Servants and children
Siem Reap, 1930’s
Noodle cart man (via 963 classic)
Trip to 1966 San Village by JEEP
Mr Georges Condominas, France has traveled to Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri in a very difficult time using Jeep’s Purpose is to learn from the world of biology and culture of the people in the area.
Photo Source: Quai Branly Museum.
https://www.quaibranly.fr/en/ (Via 963 Classic)
Bill Gates in NW 2014
Citroën 1910
Cambodian Cars http://phnompenhplaces.blogspot.com/…/cambodian-cars.html (Via 963 Classic)
Service-Postal Phnom Penh-Skun K.Thom-Siem Reap Angkor: James Dearden Holmes (363 Classic)
Banteay Chhmar-A 1924 Automobile Adventure with George Groslier (via 363 Classic)
1974 (only 2 of the children pictured survived the Khmer Rouge) Rasmei Kampuchea
Badge of Cambodian Revolutionary Youth Association in the 80’s. Tara Om
Sorry, don’t know the source
Sorry, don’t know the source
Walkabout 2010 ish?
Sorry, don’t know the source
Sorry, don’t know the source
Sorry, don’t know the source
Sorry, don’t know the source
Sorry, don’t know the source
Sorry, don’t know the source
Tan Omoro, aged 38, beginning his 3 month long trip from Paris to Phnom Penh on a BMW R69S. Early 1960’s (963 Classic) Image by: KEYSTONE Pictures USA
Mr. Christopher Sim, also known as Ung Chun Sim, was born during the last year of World War II. He joined the Khmer Air Force “8”. He was selected to go to Australia for training by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) “No. 15 Army Pilot Course” at Point Cook, Victoria, Australia. After returning to Cambodia, he was assigned to join the Forward Air Control Squadron. (Y. Yoc Hang)
Khmer ayai singer Saram Prak
Pochentong Airport, Phnom Penh, 1966 during President Charles de Gaulle’s visit to Cambodia (via Amazing Cambodia)
Governor Suos, his wife, wives, daughters, mothers and attendants at the Residence , Pursat ,Cambodia ,1896
Credit : Firmin André Salles
Possibly Maguerite Duras in a car
Kampot riverfront, late 19th c
A still shot from Sihanouk’s “Rose de Bokor”, a feature movie released in 1969 yet never publicly screened in Cambodia so far (Y Yoc Hang)
Chroy Changvar fish catch, Circa 1886
Ang Duong Hospital, This building was recently knocked down in 2021 CLICK2SEE
Pursat 1886 (?)
“Here is a Khmer Air Force C-123K landing at Kompong Thom. As I remember, it had rained earlier in the day. I think we see water on the runway. The sod was a liitle soft but OK for a DC-3.”- Bennet Crawford
Series of Siem Reap photos circa 1900
Chinese noodle stall, Phnom Penh, 1950’s (Amazing Cambodia)
Martial arts, Royal Palace, c. 1965 (others say Elephant Terrace, Angkor)
Roland Meyer, a French civil official, Khmer wife and family 1910’s
Ampor Tevy (right), movie star of late 80’s/early 90’s
Family in KR occupied Samlot, Battambang, C. 1994 (note the KR cadre on right in Chinese style uniform)
The Bungalow, the first western guest house opened in 1909 at the entrance to Angkor Wat
Ceremony Angkor Wat, 1949
នេះរូបថតឃុននួន Khun Noun called Khun Than- one of Norodom’s many ladies
Sihanouk with sword and shooter
Oudong, 1953, Mr. Moussus- French Air Force
Credit: LL
Départ pour la chasse
Teochew (?) Chinese/Khmer family, late 19th century (?) said to be from Battambang
Random Khmer Facebook guy posted following cinema photos
The original taxi driver
Lee Kuan Yew, father of Singapore, Angkor Wat, 1967
The old hippodrome (horse racing) Veal Vong (near Olympic Stadium)
Train Station PP, 194(6)
La mare sacree (the holy lake or sea) in front of Wat Botum and now underneath Botum Park and the Friendship Monument – the photo comes with a label mentioning December 1895- PJC
Chanchhaya Pavilion under repair, 1895. Photo by Andre Salles, Gallica. The note to the photo calls it the Pavilion of the Elephants, which I think was not a common name – it was directly opposite the stables of the royal white elephants, where today there is a park.
All aboard the PP express, early 1980’s
La Pêche Dans les eaux douces du Cambodge, 1940
King Norodom’s funeral
Next shots; various kings in Preah Moha Mealea (one of the sacred hats of kings)
Next photos of Charlie Chaplin, 1936
Psar Chas, 1920
Following from https://web.facebook
Few people know the fact that the world-famous Walt Disney animated film company in the United States came to Siem Reap to make a children’s film in 1957 under the title “Niok” in French. Directed by Edmond Séchan and starring a Cambodian child named Ayuth and many Angkor residents! Amazing Cambodia
Reconnaissance photo following US airstrikes (probably NE Cambodia, Operation Menu). The dots are bomb craters.
Arcades, before iPhones and fish games
60’s Santa
Cambodian border, 1990
Battambang, 1930’s
Phnom Penh International Film Festival held at Preah Suramarit National Theatre in November 1969 (from Amazing Cambodia)
Chief abbot’s crematorium pavilion in Siem Reap, 1968
Cambodian partisans (*probably read mercenaries) under command of a French officer, training on a Bren machine gun during the First Indochina War, circa 1948.
1960’s ?
Hotel Cambodiana. More photos HERE

4 photos of Preah Vihear. For the whole series, click

Pailin, late 19th Century
Long Boreth, Prime Minister of the Khmer Republic, and Elizabeth Becker, correspondent for The Washington Post.
Psar Thmey
Psar Thmey with a chopper on topper
Looks like Siem Reap, late 90’s?
April 1975, probably the temporary hospital at Le Royale, which was forced to close the next day.
The original Golden Lions (late 1950’s)
Construction of Rd 4 to Sihanoukville, 1957. Check that jungle.
Som Van Sudani and Chea Yuththorn, actors of the 1960’s (and also secret lovers)
Kampot, 1940’s
Central Market, the original site of Psah Thmey? Someone else says Psah Chas, maybe 1920?
Development Khmer Airlines, DC-3, Lao Registry, Kompong Chhanang (B. Crawford)
Monument to celebrate the return of the northwest provinces from Thai control
A young King Sisowath
Sihanoukville, not very long ago
Dentistry (via amazingcambodia)
Running the flame for the GANEFO games of 1966 down the central passageway of Angkor Wat, December 15, 1966.
4 photos of Khmer boxing (early 20th century?) EDIT informed that they were taken by French photographer Lucienne Delmas in Battambang in the 1920’s and these photos are kept in at the Musée de l ‘ Homme in Paris, France.
Year of goat?? At a guess 1931 or 1943, but no context
King Sisowath
Guessing mid 1960’s
An elephant headed bird??
Late 1980’s
Wedding procession near Notre-Dame cathedral, late 60’s-early 70’s?
Okay, a video, but pretty cool
PP Prison, 1940
Siem Reap river c.1920
Name of bus companies from Phnom Penh to all provinces before 1970
1-Mong Huot »Phop» Battambang »Kampot» Kampong Som
2- Thong Se / Chea Se / Veng Se »Phop» Kampong Cham
3- Nguon Hak »Phop» Kampong Cham » Kratie »Siem Reap
4-Namkea» Phop »Kampong Cham» Kratie »Siem Reap
5-Ithsam» Phop »Kampong Cham» Kampong Som »Prey Nokor
6-Pol An» Phop »Kampong Cham» Kampong Thom »Siem Reap» »Battambang» Chamkar Leu »Chamkar Andong» Stung Trang.
7-Hak Sreng »Phop» Kampong Cham »Chamkar Leu» Speu
8-Hok Heng »Phop» Siem Reap
9-Sok Sath (Keo Sranos) »Phop» Prey Veng »Svay Rhea
10-Hak Mong Heng» Phop »Prey Veng» Svay Rieng
11-Ali » Planet »Kampong Cham
12-Ngy Se» Planet »Takeo» River »Kirivong
13-Haki» Planet »Bot Roka» Prey Lvea
14-Tai Kong Yang »Planet» Bot Roka »Prey Lvea
15-Car Run» Ratanakiri Province »Mondulkiri» Stung Treng »Preah Vihear» Oddar Meanchey »
Koh Kong does not have a run yet because the road is too difficult (Chiep Tan)
Russian Hospital 1957
Elephant (supposedly of Sisowath Monivong) BORANAJAFB
Independence Day, 1968
Palace, mid 1960’s
Kep beach, mid 1960’s
Funeral of King Suramarit, 1960
Wat Banan, Battambang
Russian Blvd
Independence Monument construction, c. 1955
Battambang bridge
Battambang Pepsi factory
Sisowath Quay?
Tattoo parlor, Kampot
RUPP, then a hospital, early 90’s
Tuk Tuk Sir?
The Band
Beauty contest, 1995
Ponchentong, early 1970s
Chinese Theater (somewhere near Royal Palace, so presumably near St 13/19 Chinatown, 1880’s)
Phnom Penh cathedral, early 1970’s
Street 13 ( T3 prison)
National Library, 1929
Phnom Penh ‘car wash’1990’s, Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Battambang 1960’s
Kampot Fish Market
Protest after WW2. The provinces seized by Thailand were returned in 1946.
Sihanoukville supermarket original 90’s
PP Floods ’52 or ’53
Daun Penh and Koh Pich way before AEON Mall
Russian Blvd or Road 4, 1967
 Main gate of the huge Thai military fort in Battambang when the province was occupied by Siam.
The fort was built around 1830 during the war between Siam and Vietnam.
Most parts of the ‘Kamphaeng’ fort where demolished in 1910 by the barang.
The last part of the fort was demolished in 2007. (from Casper)
St 13, Chinatown 1957 (Amazing Cambodia)
Indochina, and how to get there (by only speaking French)
Borei Keila
Ministry of Defense
1974, Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel
PP 1972, Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel
Pursat, 1974
US delegation arrives, 1950
Au cercle sportif de Battambang (1965)
The White Building (date unknown)
The White Building and houseboats (date unknown)
1972 (Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel)
Kirirom, 1957
Credit: Bob Laymon
Ponchentong 197(4)? Credit: Bob Laymon
Takeo from the air Credit: Bob Laymon
Credit: Bob Laymon
Credit: Bob Laymon
RUPP campus
A bit more modern
Recognize this place?
National Bank (1980’s?)
National bank 1960’s
Phnom Penh 1995 (PP40 Photo Exhibition)
Royal Residence, Bokor
Rotonde, Kep 1960’s
Kampong Som port
Ponchentong c.1970 (Bob Laymon)
KPLNF Propaganda poster from Thai refugee camp, C. early-mid 1980’s.
Siamese carp (?) date unknown
Phnom Penh 1958
Le Monument Aux Morts 1914-18 (built 1925, destroyed by Khmer Rouge)
National Theatre ( Preah Suramarit Theatre or the Bassac Theatre) in 1966
Kampong Cham, mid 1970’s- Bennet Crawford
I’m sitting on the ramp at Kompong Cham watching Khmer Airforce T-28s bomb targets west of the airport. I shot this from the cockpit. I didn’t see any advantage in getting out.

Comment from Sethi: “Kampomg Cham was very often besieged. There are some Navy convoys that stop but (not) very often, the airport/airbase was the only link to the rest of the country. Not much fuel for private cars.

The Air Security troup paid a high price along the war. When Phom-Penh fell in 1975, the airbase commander and his deputy refused to surrender and continued the fight untill they ran out of ammunition.”

There is no former Kampong Cham airbase personnal among the Veterans. I think no one survived but I still wait for a few comments.” – Bennet Crawford
Kep, circa 1961 Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel
11 Jan 74 : A Cambodian army soldier covers his ears as he crouches with companions behind a paddy dike while a recoilless rifle mounted atop an armored personnel carrier fires at nearby Khmer Rouge positions during fighting only five miles northwest of Phnom Penh.”

AP Photo/Alan Rockoff.
Khmer Airforce at Ponchentong. Date unknown.

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