Random Photos Of Old Cambodia

These photos have been found across the internet, including Facebook. Credits given when known.

Tattoo parlor, Kampot
RUPP, then a hospital, early 90’s
Tuk Tuk Sir?
The Band
Beauty contest, 1995
Ponchentong, early 1970s
Chinese Theater (somewhere near Royal Palace, so presumably near St 13/19 Chinatown, 1880’s)
Phnom Penh cathedral, early 1970’s
Street 51 (either PJ or T3 prison)
National Library, 1929
Phnom Penh ‘car wash’1990’s, Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Jim Mielke
Battambang 1960’s
Kampot Fish Market
Protest after WW2. The provinces seized by Thailand were returned in 1946.
Sihanoukville supermarket original 90’s
PP Floods ’52 or ’53
Daun Penh and Koh Pich way before AEON Mall
Russian Blvd or Road 4, 1967
 Main gate of the huge Thai military fort in Battambang when the province was occupied by Siam.
The fort was built around 1830 during the war between Siam and Vietnam.
Most parts of the ‘Kamphaeng’ fort where demolished in 1910 by the barang.
The last part of the fort was demolished in 2007. (from Casper)
St 13, Chinatown 1957 (Amazing Cambodia)
Indochina, and how to get there (by only speaking French)
Borei Keila
Ministry of Defense
1974, Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel
PP 1972, Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel
Pursat, 1974
US delegation arrives, 1950
Au cercle sportif de Battambang (1965)
The White Building (date unknown)
The White Building and houseboats (date unknown)
1972 (Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel)
Kirirom, 1957
Credit: Bob Laymon
Ponchentong 197(4)? Credit: Bob Laymon
Takeo from the air Credit: Bob Laymon
Credit: Bob Laymon
Credit: Bob Laymon
RUPP campus
A bit more modern
Recognize this place?
National Bank (1980’s?)
National bank 1960’s
Phnom Penh 1995 (PP40 Photo Exhibition)
Rotonde, Kep 1960’s
Ponchentong c.1970 (Bob Laymon)
KPLNF Propaganda poster from Thai refugee camp, C. early-mid 1980’s.
Siamese carp (?) date unknown
Phnom Penh 1958
Le Monument Aux Morts 1914-18 (built 1925, destroyed by Khmer Rouge)
National Theatre ( Preah Suramarit Theatre or the Bassac Theatre) in 1966
Kampong Cham, mid 1970’s- Bennet Crawford
I’m sitting on the ramp at Kompong Cham watching Khmer Airforce T-28s bomb targets west of the airport. I shot this from the cockpit. I didn’t see any advantage in getting out.

Comment from Sethi: “Kampomg Cham was very often besieged. There are some Navy convoys that stop but (not) very often, the airport/airbase was the only link to the rest of the country. Not much fuel for private cars.

The Air Security troup paid a high price along the war. When Phom-Penh fell in 1975, the airbase commander and his deputy refused to surrender and continued the fight untill they ran out of ammunition.”

There is no former Kampong Cham airbase personnal among the Veterans. I think no one survived but I still wait for a few comments.” – Bennet Crawford
Kep, circa 1961 Marie-françoise Le Guen-châtel
11 Jan 74 : A Cambodian army soldier covers his ears as he crouches with companions behind a paddy dike while a recoilless rifle mounted atop an armored personnel carrier fires at nearby Khmer Rouge positions during fighting only five miles northwest of Phnom Penh.”

AP Photo/Alan Rockoff.
Khmer Airforce at Ponchentong. Date unknown.

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  • December 17, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    Incredible, how clean Phnom Penh looked those days in opposition to todays dirt and rubbish.

  • March 25, 2020 at 11:14 am

    Is it possible to get copies of some of these prints


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