German Peter Schmall, 69, Taken In By Immigration

Phnom Penh: On December 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM, Phnom Penh Municipal Police Office of Immigration Investigation and Procedure received aKhan Keng Kang, Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh, for not having a passport/visa, and creating a public nuisance.

Immigration police said the foreigner was a 69-year-old German male PETER SCHMALL,who arrived in the Kingdom of Cambodia on June 26, 2015, via Phnom Penh International Airport.

He has been referred to the Immigration Department for the investigation and Enforcement of the Directorate General of Immigration.[0]=68.ARDEFq1KElTXdL8G4fGroWveSaxycKqu0TNWv-rOdvRsCMLcKUtCFHMjW3aw33ixwMK6XpgAbRpPGDv0IVhiG89ha9JomulgChllx-LhWKk5u0Dc8AdjYHHHjG2bDoSDUmATY6KOanZW_WNLJVVXuZao5xh23JXYaRrjk_3zSVKEbvM7wKxuVxBG2SOxGYyaMgBieeooKJub9wKXcX_m0vSh5qJCd108ZFbqI1WstL6LcYFDxsxr9NHsCX-vz4gjaKW6rQ_ULq4OPR6cxs-suls03DSbO5uahEMkLd2mDYJPvunJcBA5zNkuljnbgL9oheru2-ndBb_Zk7kYDz5nWu3dkw&__tn__=-R

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