Febr(eview)ary 2019

February, the shortest month didn’t disappoint news fans. There were bombs on the border, white men loosing their shizzle and a massive dru operation was found inside an Okhna’s disco.

We got our new intern Belinda Baboon from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to trawl back through the 263 stories from the month and pick out the best before her tourist visa runs out.

In an effort to reach the intellectual classes, Philip Coggan wrote an interesting piece on a fighting prince.

Kampong Chhnang men caught killing cats to sell as bushmeat.

An Israeli was caught with suspicious substances in Svay Rieng.

A 2000 year old bronze bell went for 100,000 GBP at auction.


Kep province said they wanted high speed trains and the world’s highest Buddha statue.

A man was arrested and sent to Prey Sar after he insulted the nation on Facebook.

A lucky mousedeer got saved from the pot in Koh Kong.

While monkeys were ordered out of Sihanoukville.

A Romanian-Nigerian drugs cartel was brought in bang to rights.

San Sophorn, a 28-year-old Khmer-American deportee was killed in a traffic accident.

When is an ancient temple not a temple? When it’s this not-a-temple in Battambang.

A Cambodian cook in Thailand learned that sometimes cultures can be different across the border.

Poipet casino craziness saw a bomb planted in the border town.

In Siem Reap a dirty old man demanded his bride price back after finding out his 17 year old spouse couldn’t stand the sight of him.

Gangster business went down in a Poipet KTV


Battambang saw a reasonably large drug bust weighing in at 16 kg.

An INTERPOL warrant saw a Korean sent home on drug charges.

While another Korean was stopped from going crazy in the street with weapons.

Cops shot a mad monkey.

And HE Sar Khmeng asked cops to look into freeing the weed. Cannabis cultivating Canucks quickly expressed an interest.

When zero $ tourism went bad.

The kingdom went rabies crazy after a girl died from a cat bite.

A bad fake monk in Taiwan.

And work began on Cambodia’s tallest building (before the CEO’s brother was imprisoned on drug charges)

The easily forgettable vicar of Dribly.

Chinese really seeing that SHK might not have been the best place to throw their life’s savings.

Remember the new trains in January? First death in February.

Awards were handed out to a Cambodian who saved Aussies and an American who saved Cambodians.

CNE tracked down a motorbike involved in a hit and run death to a Singaporean Muslim charity rider.

A Taiwanese drug dealer got given 30 years in the big house. He’ll be out when he’s 88.

Convicted American child sex offender EDWARD MARISPINI was caught working in a PP school and had his passport revoked.

A minor traffic accident led to the arrest of major Chinese drug traffickers

The Rock Entertainment Center saga began with over 300 arrests.

An Aussi/Irish man Damon Simms got loaded on drugs and set fire to his own business.

A wild elephant was found dead in Mondulkiri.

People began to take notice of the plastic problem in the city.

Plans were announced for a giant aquarium in Siem Reap.

A Khmer deportee was allowed to return to the USA.

A drunk soldier shot himself in the hand after firing in a KTV

And finally a ghost at a school caused students to faint in fear.

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