Drugs And Rifle Recovered In Chinese Restaurant Raid

Phnom Penh: Police on December 13, 2019 at 2:30 pm went to Xing Liing Hao Restaurant # 16C, 109K Street, Kbal Dom II Village, Kacak 2 Commune, Por Senchey District with a warrant for owner, a 43-year-old female named Song Hour.

As a result of a search of two Chinese nationals were arrested after the following items were found.
– Two passports (Wang Qiao Ling, Chinese female, Wang Hai Tao, Chinese male).
– 1 military assault rifle
– 2 drug weighing scales
– One gram of powdered drugs
– 1 packet of meth crystals
– 2 WY tablets
– 8 red capsules (suspected drugs)
–  ដប 3 bottles of liquid (suspected drugs, *possibly ketamine)
– some packing bags
– Some drug paraphernalia
– A security camera data storage unit
– A white RX300 with the license plate Phnom Penh 2AP-8243.


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