Angkor Elephants Go To New Home

Siem Reap: The following message was posted on Facebook by ‘Kulen Elephant Forest’

“It is with much happiness that we announce the transition of the elephants from the Angkor Elephant Company to the newly established Kulen Elephant Forest. The¬†amazing elephants of Angkor are finally able to roam in their natural habitat and enjoy retirement.

This announcement is the result of years of hard work, careful planning and cooperation. The Kulen Elephant Forest will count more than 2 square kilometers of forest where the elephants will reconnect with nature and receive the very best care.

Our mission is to offer a fun, educational approach to elephant conservation and strive for better cooperation in an effort to save the remaining elephants of Cambodia. It is our hope that, with your support, we can not only provide the elephants of Angkor with a peaceful retirement but also work towards a brighter future for the species.

The Forest is set to open to the public very soon and we hope to see you there!

In the meantime, you can follow our progress in real time by following our social media accounts and by visiting our website at

We are excited to be turning over a new leaf in the preservation of Cambodian elephants and we thank you for your support and attention!”

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