Another Baby Mekong Dolphin Spotted

Kratie: Another baby dolphin was born in Sambok commune, Chetburi district, Kratie province on December 10, 2019.

 The newborn dolphin was spotted by WWF-Cambodia and the Fisheries Administration of Kratie Province and Stung Treng Provincial Department of Fisheries while the team was working on monitoring illegal fishing activities in dolphin protected areas.

The newborn is about one day old, and was swimming in a group of about seven dolphins.

The newly discovered dolphin is the 13th to be born in 2019. Six dolphins were reported to have been born in Stung Treng province and seven were reported to have been born in Kratie province.

Newborn dolphins and increased dolphin populations reflect the combined efforts of dolphin conservation on the Mekong River between Kratie/Stung Treng Fisheries Administration, WWF-Cambodia Community and Related Partners. RASMEI

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