Battambang Crayfish Farming Good Business

Battambang: A Cambodian student who graduated from Thailand in a study of Thai shrimp farming is making good business.

Phal Ratha, owner of Cray Fish, an Australian shrimp farm in Battambang province, is thriving in the field of crustacean farming, and has been in operation for more than two years, drawing on the knowledge he has learned in Thailand.

He is now teaming up with local investors to expand breeding and breeding areas to 30 hectares to supply both domestic and export markets. 10 hectares are in Battambang province and 20 hectares of Kampong Thom.

The two partners have land and investment, he added, and he assisted with technical work, farm preparation and feeding. The cray fish is from Thailand and is an easy-to-breed species which thrives in the climate of Cambodia, he said.

One hectare of shrimp can earn up to $ 30,000 per hectare if properly raised, using proper breeding techniques, care and attention. In the market, one kilo of fresh crawdaddy sells for around $ 30, with the age of the shrimp being harvested about three months.  And now, with a good market, he is looking for more partners through long-term contracts.


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