Unidentified ”Foreign” Body Found In Por Sen Chey

Phnom Penh: A decomposed body was found at about 8 am on 8 December 2019 in a village pond in Por Sen Chey district.

The body is still unidentified, although reports say it is that of a foreigner.

According to Ms. Kin Sophea, 29, a factory worker and her sister, Kin Sambath Channy, 18, at 8 am on December 8, 2019, were harvesting wild vegetables when they found the dead man lying face down in a pond, and ran away scared. They eventually reported to the authorities later the same afternoon.

About 2 weeks before a foreigner (*ethnicity not mentioned, but could be a bad translation) was spotted acting strangely in the same area, and was probably on drugs. He was described as wearing similar clothes to those on the body.

After finding the body of the competent local authority are now investigating to find his identity. POST NEWS

UPDATE: Images of the scene

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