Kampot Woman Hit By Falling Billboard

Kampot: A woman was injured when a billboard at the entrance of Kompong Trach Market fell on her at 10:10 am on December 7, 2019.

Sources at the scene said the billboards that put the person at risk belonged to Viso (*a Unilever soap company). The banner was displayed vertically in front of the gate of Kompong Trach district for several years.

It is suspected that corrosion, broken linkage, or improper welding caused the sign to fall.

The source added that it was lucky that the sign fell while there were fewer people in the market, if the billboard dropped early in the morning, many more may have been harmed.

It was also stated that the woman injured by the billboard is named Chin Kling, a 37-year-old female farmer, who suffered a broken nose.

She was taken to a hospital in Vietnam for treatment. KAMPUCHEA THMEY

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