Chinese Taxis Smashed

Sihanoukville: Reports from Chinese sources on Friday said there were cases of locals attacking taxis driven by Chinese in Sihanoukville late Thursday/early Friday.

A new report from POST NEWS appears to confirm this, saying an unknown person has smashed windows of a taxi for Chinese tourists, according to Heng Vanna, an operator of a transport company, with both Khmer and Chinese drivers.

He has already lodged a complaint with the law calling for action. Heng Vanna said the company had no idea why the company was targeted, and has advised drivers in the company to behave and obey the law when driving their passengers.

 Authorities say the taxi company is a legally registered company, and confirmed the drivers are Khmer and some of them Chinese. There were minor injuries caused, and they are conducting a search to find the perpetrator(s).

However, the same officer called on the perpetrator to stop smashing cars because he could be punished, adding that if there is any problem, try to find a peaceful settlement.

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