Skytrain Plans ‘Too Expensive’ Says Minister

The government is currently exploring two more transportation projects while the recently studied AGT railway is too expensive, says H.E Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister and Minister of Public Works and Transport.

Speaking to the media during the 4 December Urban Mobility Forum, H.E Sun Chanthol said “we are studying subways project and monorails project as AGT finished study already [and] need a lot of money. So, we are studying two more projects and we will compare which project is better for our country”.

AGT is a 19 kilometres Skytrain in Phnom Penh which have been studied by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) since 2017 and the project is estimated to cost around US$1,843 million. 

This announcement is made after a special working group from China arrived in Phnom Penh in April to study about monorails. 

While waiting for the mass transit railway, H.E Sun Chanthol said the government will also explore a possibility to make a special lane for buses and shared mobility in order to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

As he said, Phnom Penh currently needs fast transportation, more parking lot, and more bus lines so it is easier for people to use public transportation.

Currently, according to H.E, Phnom Penh has around 1.8 million vehicles of which around half million are cars while the rest are Tuk Tuk and motorbike. CONSTRUCTION-PROPERTY

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