‘Fishing’ Abductions In Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville: Chinese blogger ‘DaDi’ writes that kidnapping cases, large or small, occur almost daily in Sihanoukville, although many say this is just alarmist.

Previously, most of the kidnappings were done inside the casino over unpaid gambling debts and loans. Cases of abduction have since quickly spread into the business community, many of which have nothing to do with gambling.

A lot of kidnappings start with a call to a business with a proposal for the boss. When someone goes to talk about this ‘deal, they are tied up, kidnapped and a ransom demand is made.

Other cases involve a femme fatale, who will seduce a man at a bar and club and lure him into an abduction trap.

People have been calling this trend ‘fishing abduction’.

The blogger writes

“If you are doing business in Sihanoukville now and you receive a tempting call for a potential opportunity, but the other party’s identity is unknown, do you dare to go to meet?

What’s worse sometimes the kidnappers are familiar with the victim, sometimes even eating and drinking together in the past.

The first thing Xigang (Sihanoukville) must look at is not the economy, but the law and order.

There are only two results:

First, continue to be bad, so bad that all good people can’t bear it, and all return (to China). Then it becomes a blissful place for the purebred bad guys, who can fight and die together.

Second, there are strong men coming out, tough stability policies coming out, and best of all, war wolves (*presumably law enforcement) coming. 

If we are to survive, then who will save Westport?
Perhaps the answer to this question is not far away.”

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