Wheels For Wheels Appeal- Mobilituks

Cambodia has some of the highest rates of disabilities in the world with some estimates as high as 15%. One of the most basic barriers people with disabilities face is transport – they are living in a place that does not allow them to easily get around.

Putting two more two more mobilituks on the road will address this basic need, and, create stable livlihoods for two drivers.

The Mobilituk is a wheelchair accessible tuk tuk that aims to help people with disabilities get out and about, to participate in life, education and employment.

The goal of this fundraiser is to build 2 more tuktuks that are accessible for people with physical disabilities living in or visiting Cambodia. The simple innovative design fits a rear ramp and adjustable seats to a tuktuk, allowing for easy access for wheelchair users as well as leaving space for two other passengers.

They can also be used as a standard tuk tuk for 4-5 passengers if the wheelchair capability isn’t in use.

Get on board and let’s get rolling!

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Submitted to CNE charity department by Alexandra Kennet.

This appeal is from an outside source and CNE have no vested interests in any of the above or the campaign..

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