Pursat Couple Caught With Reptiles

Pursat: The Provincial Court, Royal Gendarmerie and police officers made a search and retrieved a number of captured wild animals for re-release.

The above operation took place at 2:00 pm Thursday 5 December, from a couple selling the animals at the Fisheries Market in (*Sva Ansa?), Pursat Province.

According to a report from the Royal Gendarmerie, the couple were husband Kong Kunna, 30, a Cambodian fisherman, and his wife, Horn Sina, 34, currently living in the village.

The Royal Gendarmerie report said that the crackdown confiscated included 17 turtles weighing 12.04 kg, and many snakes weighing 58.06 kg.

The couple were handed over to the officer the commune of Fisheries Administration to continue the procedure, while all wildlife exhibits were released into the Pursat river. NKD

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