Business Owners Beware Of Fake Camcontrol Officers!

The Ministry of Commerce calls on owners, enterprises, artisans, traders and vendors across the country to be on alert, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Commerce on December 3, 2019.

There are person or person unknown pretending to be officials from Camcontrol asking for money in exchange for not inspecting businesses.

The Camcontrol Department has been undertaking inspections of goods and services to prevent and counter fraud and ensuring quality products are sold, protecting consumer rights and interests.

The measure requires Camcontrol officials to visit  businesses for inspection and evaluation. At the same time, a number of fraudsters have disguised themselves as officers, claiming money from business owners, in exchange for helping solve or mediate a particular incident or in exchange for not inspecting premises.

In the notification, the Ministry of Commerce called on businesses around the country to be careful to avoid being caught up in a fraud.

The Ministry of Commerce has confirmed that all staff of Camcontrol are fully dressed in work uniforms with labels, names, IDs, and a clear command letter .

The ministry also appealed to business owners in any doubt  to contact the General Department of Camcontrol in Ta Koy Village, Veal Sbov Commune, Chbar Ampov District, Phnom Penh, or call 023 231 856.

The ministry hopes that business owners, enterprises, craftsmen, traders and businessmen will work closely with the Camcontrol Department to protect the interests of the private sector and the public interest, and to ensure a better business environment. NKD 

*Photo is of a genuine Camcontrol officer

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