Bad Debtor! Chinese Woman Disappears On Loan Day

Pailin: A Chinese casino worker took a 900,000 Thai Baht loan ($29,720) from a Cambodian womenand disappeared. On December 3, 2019, the Cambodian woman filed a complaint with the Stung Kang Sro commune police to help get justice by finding the scammer for criminal prosecution.

The victim’s name is Ma Ra, 31, from Stung Kach commune, Sala district, Pailin province. The missing Chinese woman is named Zhang Weiying, a 25-year-old casino worker, living in Pailin province.

The victim, Ma Ra, said the reason was that she had trusted the borrower because she worked in a casino and they knew each other through her husband. Payback day was on December 3, but the deadline was missed and the borrower had become untraceable. RASMEI

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