Mass Fainting In Batttambang High School

Battambang: 31 grade 11 and 12 students of Sampov Lun High School, collapsed in a case of mass hysteria at 7:00 am on December 2, 2019. They were immediately taken to the emergency hospital at Sampov Loun district, Battambang province.

According to Dr. Meas, Director of Sampov Loun Hospital, when the students were approaching school, a student was involved in a traffic accident, which made them look around. The shock then caused them to begin fainting.

Dr Meas added that for their physical condition, they were tired, and some of them had returned to their homes. 10 were given a saline drip.

Dr. Meas advised and advised the students that although education needs hard work, they must be mindful of their own health too, get enough sleep, a good diet, and especially not to spend too much time using their phones, but find time for relaxation.

This is the second time that the school has seen a mass fainting, with the first in 2017. SWIFT

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