Five Chinese Arrested In Tbong Khmom

Tbong Khmom: Police in Ponhea Krek District arrested 5 suspects at 23:04 on December 1, 2019 at Paris Guesthouse located in Preah Pdao village, Trapaing Phlong commune, Ponhea Krek, Tbong Khmom.

The five male Chinese suspects were identified as Huang Rong-san, 22 Yao FuYong, 21, Xie YongYou, male, 22, Huang Guiquan, 21, and Ma Chuhua. All are from Guangzhou, China.

The five have been accused of trying to extort money from victim Long Yan, a 19-year-old Chinese man.

Knives, metal rods, rope, gloves and balaclavas were seized as evidence.

The suspects were detained at the Ponhea Krek Police Inspectorate for questioning.

SOURCE: Department of Immigration

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