KTV Staff Claims Violence In Workplace

Phnom Penh: A woman claimed she was attacked by KTV bosses in Phnom Penh, prompting residents to intervene. The incident occurred at 1:30 am on November 28, 2019 In “KTV Chin” along the Russian Federation Road near the airport.

The couple were not identified, only to know that the woman was a KTV manager. They claim 3 or 4 Chinese managers beat them.

According to the victim, there was a dispute with a Chinese manager and a male employee. The argument escalated and a female staff member was struck several times in the face. Others intervened and the group were dispersed.

UPDATE: The argument was later reported as starting when the woman complained about a Vietnamese ladyboy working in the KTV.

The victim and her boyfriend took a motorbike to file a complaint at Chom Chao police station. POST NEWS

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